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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform; over 500 million people have an instagram account and more than 95 million photos are shared daily. Instagram-famous people are the new celebrities of 21st century and their profiles are visited by thousands of users. These instagram famous people have followers of thousands (or even millions), their photos have high numbers of likes and comments are flooding under the each photo they share.

But don’t worry, it is very easy to become an instagram famous person with only one trick: followersinstagram is a website that provides its users free instagram followers and likes on their instagram accounts. The name of the website, instafenomeni, means instagram phenomenon in Turkish. So you will become an instagram phenomenon for free with this website!

How To Use ?

It is very easy, you only need to log in to the website with your instagram account. The website also has applications for ios and android devices. After you log in, you will start receiving your daily instagram follower tricks and instagram like tricks.

You do not need to follow anyone or give the website your instagram account password. The website gives daily free tricks on certain amounts. If you want to get more instagram follower tricks and instagram like tricks, you can buy one of the follower or like packages from the website. The like tricks work for photos and videos and the free followers are permanent. Unless you choose to buy any package, the website does not ask for any payment from you.

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How does it work?After you log in to the website, the system automatically gives you free 100 instagram like tricks and 50 instagram follower tricks daily. So as long as you use, you will receive 100 likes and 50 followers everyday for free. Also, as a welcome present for the new membership, it gives you free comment tricks on the first entry of a new member. In only one month, you will have hundreds of followers on your instagram account with thousands of likes and you will on your way to become an instagram celebrity. If you decide that the free instagram followers and like tricks that provides are not enough for you, you can always buy from the packages on the website. There are many different packages for every need on instagram. You can choose from credit package, Turkish active follower package, foreign active follower package and auto like package. All package varieties have 3 different prices depending on the amount. The price range is 30-300 Turkish Liras. You can pay via credit card with up to 6 installments. 5 minutes after the payment is done, you will receive your new followers and likes. The website’s support team is very active. It works 24/7 and is reachable via whatsapp. The website also has a website message system to contact the support team. The website will make you instagram famous for free, you can join now and start getting your free followers and likes!


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